24 September 2009

Views are a convenient and powerful way to aggregate node content. Although the Views interface has built-in support for paths and menus, it does not give you the ability to insert it into a book. Additionally, inserting the view directly into a node requires either using PHP to render the view programmatically or installing a module like insert_view. Neither of these is particularly clean, and both have usability problems when you have non-technical editors


Create a Panel Node and load the view into the panel. This technique provides a few benefits over the php/insert_view approaches:

  1. You can now insert the panel node into a book outline
  2. You can switch to a different view by editing the panel - less transition time
  3. You can aggregate multiple views into the same node
  4. There is no PHP or precise syntax exposed to the user

To create a Panel Node, go to the Panels dashboard in Drupal.


The panel node will wrap panel classes around the view. Thus, you may have to revise your CSS if you develop the view outside of the panel node first.


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