11 July 2012

For all the criticism that PHP/Drupal (and the rest of my world) faces, it is quite nice to see that we are in fact the dominant force in the world. We see a 2/3 share for LinuxApache and PHP and Linux. Drupal is the 3rd place CMS, but its market share is growing.

The builtwith.com statistics are an especially nice statistic for Drupal fans out there. Unlike most widespread CMSes, Drupal sees a higher market share with larger web sites. The market share increases from the top-million to top-100,000 to top-10,000 web sites. That is extremely reversed for both Joomla! and Wordpress, meaning that people abandon them as their traffic increases.

Despite the criticism that PHP and Drupal face, they continue to rule the Internet. And Drupal is proving to be one of the most robust and enterprise-ready open source CMSes.

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