17 August 2012

One key element for an email list configuration is whether the outbound messages come from the sender or from the list. If they come from the sender, then someone can Reply-All to get the sender and the list or just Reply to get the sender. That is a very convenient setup, but it prevents having any real control over autoresponders that go to the message sender. However, there are a few headers that can suppress a portion of the autoresponders.

Although there are other possibilities, I settled on adding these three headers to all list messages:

  1. List-Id: [email protected]: Identifies the email as a list message.
  2. Precedence: list: A generic method of communicating the autoresponders should not be sent. Alternate values could be "bulk" or "junk", but they are more likely to increase filtering problems.
  3. X-Auto-Response-Suppress: All: A Microsoft-specific header to control auto-responses.

To add the headers in Icewarp, go to the Rules tab for the specific Mailing List. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Add..."
  2. Select "All messages" in Conditions
  3. Select "Edit message header" in Actions
  4. Click on "header" to change the headers
  5. Click "Add", enter the header info, and then "Add" again (repeat for other headers)
  6. Click "OK" and "OK" to close the windows
  7. Move the rule to the top of your rules list

That should do it. You cannot control whether all of your list users have software that will respect these headers, but it is a step forward.


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