10 December 2013

Twice in the last week, there have been periods when my Google Visualizations began showing a red error message (“b.G is not a function”) rather than the appropriate chart. My main tests were in an up-to-date version of Firefox. Initial tests suggested that there might be a race condition wherein the Google code triggered its OnLoadCallback before all classes were actually loaded. During initial testing, I was using the autoload technique in combination with the setOnLoadCallback method. I converted to the dynamic loading technique and continued to see the error.

Unfortunately, the error was transient an inconsistent such that I could not confirm the problem during initial testing after refactoring.


  • 2013-12-10: No tests definitively resolved it. Then it resumed working.</li>
  • 2013-12-12: Hard refresh resolved it after about 30 minutes.</li>

Autoloading Callbacks for Visualization

Although I have moved away from autoloading in these scripts to mitigate this problem, I want make a note regarding the two distinct callbacks. The first is for when the loader is available, and the second is per-module (for those modules that support it). When autoloading visualizations with this URI (with callbacks _race_loader_ and _race_visualization_ for easy identification), you can see where they land in the script. The first callback seems preferrable only when you have additional libraries that you want to load dynamically.

if (window['google'] != undefined && window['google']['loader'] != undefined) {
  if (!window['google']['visualization']) {
    window['google']['visualization'] = {};
    google.visualization.Version = '1.0';
    google.visualization.JSHash = 'd780f2951a73e815f003b2b487c1d0a3';
    google.visualization.LoadArgs = 'file\75visualization\46v\0751\46async\0752';
  google.loader.writeLoadTag("script", google.loader.ServiceBase + "/api/visualization/1.0/d780f2951a73e815f003b2b487c1d0a3/format+en,default.I.js", true);

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