28 February 2014

This web site serves as a portfolio, a blog about IT challenges, and a home for some small open source projects that I am developing. The web site serves a personal function more than anything else, and there are no aspirations for it to be a big hit on the Internet. Despite that, it turns out that other people are trying to solve many of the same challenges and develop many of the same solutions. It has been fun to watch the traffic grow slowly each month. Today, the site broke 3,000 visits for the month of February 2014!

If I were aspiring to be a professional blogger, that number would not be at all impressive. In fact, the web site is rankedĀ 1,506,892 globally onĀ Alexa. On the other hand, the site is making enough of a splash to get an Alexa rating. That is something ;)


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