29 January 2019


The list of shared folders appears to have been removed from the Dropbox interface in early 2018. No replacement interface is available.

This is a problem when you need to audit your file sharing to ensure that you did not forget to remove a share.


  1. Use the API to list shared folders: Create a small script to identify folders.
  2. On a Windows computer where the account is synced, (1) make hidden files visible, (2) search the Dropbox folder for “ext:dropbox” to locate the “.dropbox” files, and (3) look at the folder path and/or right-click “Open file location” to find which folder is shared.
  3. Go to the Contact Dropbox Support form, but do not submit it. It includes a dropdown labelled “Which shared folder or shared link are you having trouble with?”, which provides a complete list for your review.

Note that none of these solutions have the simplicity of the old interface. You cannot simply go to a list, click share, and review the details and/or unshare.


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