05 July 2009

Collaborate is a fully-functional web-based content management system that mimics the user interface of the popular Dreamweaver/Contribute web site editors. In addition to its content-editing capabilities, it provides various administrative tools for GoRad, which is strictly a utility codebase. Specific administrative interfaces that it provides include:

  1. Page creation, editing, preview, publishing, deletion, and locking
  2. Management of the archive to access previous versions of a page and/or deleted pages
  3. User management
  4. Group management
  5. Message Automation (MA) scheduling and monitoring
  6. Translations management
  7. Site map tool with drag-and-drop
  8. Entity management (for sitewide substitutions)
  9. Filesystem status reports
  10. "Send this page" administrative functionality
  11. Vault for old files (like a recycle bin)

There are other minor/supporting interfaces, and each interface provides substantial functionality. It is a powerful tool, but I am unlikely to maintain it into the future. That said, it is substantial enough, that it managed CPNP.org (and dozens of smaller sites) for over two years without any notable changes. That is a stable CMS!


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