24 July 2012

When I started moving to my new laptop, I realized just how painfully inadequate my previous music backup was. Sure, the files were safe, but so many configuration files were up in the air and highly context-dependent that moving music turned out to be one of the more time-consuming aspects of switching to new hardware.

My solution was to use store both the music and MediaMonkey itself on a virtual hard drive. That single hard drive file could then be backed up to an external hard drive periodically, and the files can even be accessed via the vhd file that had been copied to the external hard drive. While it is definitely not the most robust system, it has a certain elegance in its simplicity. Here are the resources that proved useful as I set it up:

Note that some of the steps are much much much easier if you have MediaMonkey Gold. For instance, you do not have to mess with the database nearly as much with Gold because you can simply run "Locate Missing Tracks" to have MMG auto-repair your database.


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