23 December 2003

I was co-founder and partner at aijalon, LLP for almost four years. During that time, we built over 100 web sites of varying complexities, and I learned many of the caveats of business. I was the only developer for the first three years as we established GRAVEL as a competitive CMS in the Lincoln market. As I phased out of the business, I was replaced by two full-time developers.

My responsibilities included: system administration for Linux web/database/email servers, server-side development, JS/AJAX development, designer support, user support, and various business management and marketing duties.

It was quite an exciting four years. I left as the business drifted to more of a focus on design. A few years after my departure, aijalon merged with Pickering Creative. Although aijalon no longer exists, GRAVEL continues to support a large number of web sites, with much of the same system design and code.

My next stop was Uppercase Development for 5 1/2 years.


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