14 May 2006

This system was built by a friend of mine using ASP.Net (VB.Net). It provides an administrative interface to manage children and meal records for reporting to the state. It is a robust, reliable and complex system that relies heavily on standard ASP.Net components. We maintained the system for about a year and a half.

We took over the project at a time when regulations were being revisited. Quite a few enhancements were undertaken that added a small percentage increase in functionality but required more effort than the initial development due to the constraints of data evolution and the complexity of the additions. While most enhancements were ultimately successful, the cost/reward for them made the process painful for all involved. I do not know what direction the system and company took after we parted ways in 2006.

The 90/10 rule (It takes 90% of the effort to get the last 10% of functionality) was definitely a reality on this project. Unfortunately, being aware of the 90/10 rule does not help when the 10% is government-mandated. It's just one more way the government keeps the economy moving...


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