01 November 2007

This site was designed and built by Swanson Russell using the CMS and template structure I built for the Minn Kota sister site. Over the years, I helped to patch, fix, enhance and otherwise maintain this site from a technical standpoint.

The CMS was a custom classic ASP (VBScript) application that took what it could from Collaborate while acknowledging the specific limitations of the programming environment. It was a natural CMS that allowed you to browse the site and double-click where you wanted to edit. It could maintain lists, manage files, manage images and be graphically edited. The Dreamweaver template files would be compiled into Pithy templates and then executed using a VBScript engine that I built.

The feature set of this site is unimpressive compared to other projects I have handled. However, it is quite an achievement given the underlying technologies and their lack of capabilities. If there were a market for a classic ASP CMS, this could have provided a nice starting point. As it is, this will likely be the only monument to the CMS once the site is upgraded to an ASP.Net CMS (date of transition is unknown as of July 2009).


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