30 September 2007

The DBI client forms interface represented an example of the ultimate vision for the GoRAD Assistant. Once GoRAD was properly configured in Apache and with MySQL support, the entire application was built using Assistant XML. No logic outside of the XML was required.

Listings of elements were accomplished using the report mode of the Assistant. Advanced searches and cross-referencing was also possible with well-tested XML configuration options.

Multiple tables and inter-table relationships were created with using the resource support.

Forms were build to manage rows in each table. The Assistant was used to add custom validation, dynamic response option creation, and creative form field functionality.

In the end, the Assistant was able to replicate basic MS Access functionality on the web using only XML configurations. Although this was one of the final projects handled at Uppercase such that the use of the Assistant stopped spreading, this was a strong proof of how flexible, robust and reliable it had become.

As of the last update, Hanau was still maintaining this project.


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