01 July 2008

The Doctors of USC built on the success of the social networking platform customized for Weatherby Nation. To push the site to the next level, we built the RSS Module, an enhanced Drupal theme engine, and a GoRad integration module. The site automatically syncs thousands of articles from EBSCO, a content provider. The screenshots do a reasonable job highlighting the range of features. 

Features you can see in the screenshots:

  1. Video/media management that provides text and video for the Flash video player on the home page
  2. Syndicated content from EBSCO is transformed using XSLT and then saved to Drupal nodes
  3. Search result previews are loaded via AJAX as the user types in the search box
  4. Multi-factor find-a-doctor search preserves its filters and allows quick narrowing of results
  5. My Health Portal provides access to content of interest to the user and tracks some important information
  6. Users can join groups for support and discussion in My Health
  7. Users can subscribe to different news channels in My Health
  8. Users can track events in a calendar in My Health

The site is high-quality. Several of these features rely heavily on the GoRad Media Module. That provided a consistent and stable administrative interface. Although there are few new features developed just for this site, it did require quite a bit of polishing. The bulk of the work was customizing the UI experience. Fine details like the search ajax and quick links received a lot of attention. This was a very well-run project.

We worked on two sister sites in 2009, and other vendors also started to work within this system.


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