27 July 2011

In the spring/summer of 2011, I oversaw (as staff liaison) the second major overhaul of our monthly member newsletter of my tenure. Rather than having separate individuals volunteer to obtain specific types of articles, the process was changed into an editorial board that assigned a primary editor to each issue. A theme schedule was created so that each editor new far in advance what content would be necessary, and providing a focused theme allowed each article to build on interest in adjacent content. The Mental Health Clinician (MHC) Editorial Board came together through an application process, and planning began 5 months prior to the first issue. The plans, design, layout, etc., all went through the editorial board for consideration before being finalized.

The initial logo is simple, typographic and bold. The initial layout evolved from the combined forces of committee requests, reality of content provided for the first issue, web site constraints, and the requirement to be able to easily email a similar format.

The initial issue saw over twice as many page views as the final issue of the previous newsletter format (the E-News), which was generally representative of monthly traffic to the E-News.

Based on the initial response, the next few issues of the MHC are going to follow approximately the same template. We suspect that time of year and the theme may have dramatic impacts on the web site statistics, but there is optimism that the publication will continue to be well-received by the membership. There are also hopes that this will provide the opportunity to explore the potential of a scholarly peer-reviewed journal.


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