31 May 2006

The CMS stored data in Access (later moved to SQL Server), but it required a flexible structure to work within the Dreamweaver template structure. The solution was to store content with an XPath that could be used to construct an XML document. That design decision also allowed data to be easily reused via techniques resembling XIncludes. Of course, the system was applying the concepts and principles without using the exact technology due to its lack of availability on the hosting platform.

The site lasted for its standard 3-year cycle, and it was effective. A page caching mechanism allowed the server to handle a high volume of requests. Ultimately, the CMS was abandoned when they changed their preferred technology to ASP.Net.

Using Classic ASP was a project requirement. Although I used it on several projects over the years, it was always a client-imposed constraint. ASP.Net was a good step forward for them.


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