15 May 2000

I was the webmaster for the UNL Department of Mathematics & Statistics for two years. It was a major growth opportunity for me. During that time, I redesigned and upgraded quite a few microsites for the various courses, programs and awards.

The achievement that most impacted the course of my career was the creation of a CMS. Of course, this was in 1999, before content management was popular. Without a term for the application, I convinced the key decision-makers in the department to allow me to build an application that would allow browser-based management of the web site. It seems trivial today, but it was quite novel when this was built.

This particular CMS was built in Perl. It utilized a custom flat-file format and allowed the creation of relationships between blocks of content. It met the needs of the site, and it was still in use for at least a couple years after my departure. Since then, the university as a whole has standardized its look and feel.

Enjoy the screenshots. They were the proof of concept for GRAVEL (at aijalon), which provided the career-defining web development experience.


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