31 March 2009

The Nebraska Foundation wanted to build a multi-site framework for Drupal. While there are several techniques for multi-site implementations, they did not address the key project requirements:

  1. Nodes can exist on multiple sites
  2. Each site can point an alias to different nodes
  3. Search results should only return nodes from a particular site
  4. Online site creation with zero ssh login
  5. Easy color/style control per "site" (host/domain collection)

The system was built in Drupal 5. In my opinion, Drupal 6 was not ready until late August, several months after rollout. There was a node_access modules that related to multi-site implementations that was used as a rough template. In the end, taxonomy was used for ultimate control.

My role on the project shifted over time. At times, I was a developer. At times, I simply reviewed the plans/implementation of Helzer/Nathan. I wound up rolling the project live March 31, the day before I started at CPNP. I supported it in the evenings for several months. In a way, it was the final Uppercase Development project. Given that my first effort at CPNP was a conversion to Drupal, it seems like all roads do lead to Rome...

The system works fine. Keiser independently expanded the functionality later in the summer. I eventually do some additional work. Check later portfolio entries for more advanced interfaces that utilize this framework.

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