01 March 2001

The Nebraska State Education Association (NSEA) was the project that launched GRAVEL, aijalon, and therefore my current career path. Jason provided tech support to NSEA, and I had built a simple CMS for the UNL Department of Mathematics & Statistics. We combined his contacts with my technology design and pitched a very rudimentary version of GRAVEL. We called it a "web site management system" because "CMS" was not really a term at the time.

The site was large, and the content migration was labor-intensive. There were many evenings where a couple people would sit in my dorm room working on content, and I would build or fix the features that were being used for the very first time. By the time the site launched for the first time, we had a reasonable set of features and were ready to start growing.

The site was redesigned twice before I left aijalon, and they continually drove us to continue improving GRAVEL. They were still using it as late as 2009... The screenshots are from that first version of the site. It was built for small screens, and the interface predates tableless and AJAX design styles.


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