14 December 2009

Using the FeedsAPI module, we import syndicated content from about 30 different sources. For the most important 10 sources, we wanted to provide additional important information to our members. Three committee members were assigned to each of these sources so that each imported node would achieve some minimal consensus rating. This interface shows a user all of the abstracts from their assigned RSS feeds and provides quick access to rating and tagging tools. This is the culmination of some wonderful Drupal tools:

  1. FeedsAPI: Importing the RSS
  2. Five-Star: Rating the content
  3. Community Tags: Per-user tagging of content
  4. CCK: Associating reviewers with the feeds
  5. Views:  Build the interface
  6. Themes, PHP and other basic elements were also used to pull it all together

In the first 2 weeks that it was up, over 600 votes were cast using the interface. It will be essential moving forward as several hundred nodes will be reviewed each month.


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