15 October 2006

Shindaiwa is a large international manufacturing corporation that works with a diverse client base. The site framework we built provided a major upgrade to their online services, including the addition of multilingual and regional-based content customization. The size of the site, the complexity of its interfaces, and the timeline for buildout serve as a testiment to the flexibility and power of GoRad and Collaborate even when they were relatively young.

The screenshots of this site were taken after the client re-themed the web site. However, the underlying technologies remain the GoRad framework and the Collaborate CMS (rebranded "Post CMS").

In addition to the large size of the site, specific features of note include:

  1. Site index and searching
  2. Dynamic (JS) hierarchical lists built using the sitemap admin interface
  3. Multi-lingual support
  4. Multi-region support (select a country)
  5. Landing pages built dynamically from relevant pages
  6. Dealer password-protected areas
  7. Contact forms

This site is a premium example of what Collaborate could do even in its young form, and the relatively short timeline for delivery was a testiment to the flexibility of the GoRad framework.


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