16 September 2008

This was a quick short-term microsite to celebrate the UP Whistlestop tour during the 2008 election cycle. Its primary function was to show the photos from the tour. The photos were hosted on Flickr, and we provided a site that wrapped the photos in a branded patriotic theme. The site is no longer active.

The site theme was basic, and the server-side development was minimal. This was primarily a JS project to access the Flickr API and allow the user to sort by location/event, party affiliation and date. Photos could be browsed and downloaded in a number of sizes. This AJAX application allowed modification of the anchor portion of the address so that it could be bookmarked (similar to GMail's method of browsing). Some key JS functionality leveraged JQuery and open Flickr APIs.

This was a quick and effective project. I wish there were more like it!


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