31 January 2009

This was a large and exciting site conversion project. We moved the site from Coldfusion to Drupal. On top of that, we also had to integrate the site with WeatherbyNation.com, a site that I built a year earlier (also in Drupal). There were dozens of features built into this site, but here are a few distinctive features:

  1. Commerce: The site uses an advanced combination of Ubercart modules to achieve the needed functionality
  2. Imports: Stock info and other product information can be imported using an Assistant-based system that uses standard Assistant configuration for both validation and data integration
  3. Menus: The menu layout is very site-specific, and it relies heavily on caching for efficient rendering
  4. Product Landing: Depending on product type, there are several different types of navigation. Rifles, clearance, cartridges and apparel represent four distinct types of products

This was a major project, and the largest systems are separated into separate portfolio pages. I was involved in all system design, and notable portions of the site were delegated entirely to various staff members at Uppercase Development.


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