01 September 2007

Weatherby Nation was my first large social networking site. While other projects had social networking aspects, this was a pure social site with a small store and a few links to other sites. It was highly successful due to the commitment of Weatherby and Swanson Russell to consistent promotion. The site has reached critical mass such that it will grow organically.

The key site features included:

  1. Spike Camp: discussion forum
  2. Chat rooms for private chats and for group chats
  3. Messaging system
  4. Buddies list
  5. Gun rack: identifying guns you own and/or want
  6. Brag board: users could maintain their own discussion threads
  7. What I Hunt: different types of hunting that connects you to others with the same interests
  8. Groups: users can create and join groups
  9. Group calendars: including merging calendars for the current user
  10. Trophy rooms: photo albums with images resized and then stored on Amazon S3 for scalability
  11. Context-sensitive tag clouds: varied by forum thread, page and even date (things expired)
  12. User-rating filter: initial release allowed users to be rated, and forums could be filtered by those ratings
  13. Date-based forum navigation: ajax-driven interface to browse a discussion timeline horizontally and by date
  14. Where to Buy: dealer locator based on zip codes with sort priority given to preferred dealers
  15. AJAX notification of private messages: this required file-caching optimizations for the every-15-second requests not to slow the server

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