15 April 2009

XAAPS (eXtensible Administration, Accounting and Programming System) is an extensive Access 2003 application that has been used by 6 different membership associations to manage membership, event attendance and audit-related tasks. It uses a split-database model and a custom import/export system that allowed synchronization of core functionality across multiple databases that had custom functionality as well.

History of XAAPS

XAAPS has a busy history given its lifespan.

Phase I: I started working on a basic contact database for CPNP while I was with aijalon. After leaving, the remaining developers were unable to make satisfactory progress, and the project was sent my way for completion. By rollout, the code was almost entirely my own after rewriting/replacing the other code segments.

Abbreviated List of XAAPS Features

This list of features was compiled in 2007. It has improved significantly over the last two years of its development.





Every aspect of the system can be changed to suit your specific needs and processes.

Improve without changing.
Stay unique and effective.


Developed ground-up for extensibility.

Good long-term investment.


Built using Microsoft Access 2003, and you will have access to all of the underlying code.

You can have others work on the system if the need should arise.

Contact Pool

All contact info is managed with one form.

Easy to learn.  Easy to expand.


Change info once in one place.

Save time and energy


Searching capabilities.

Find contacts quickly.

Report Builder

Use your own criteria to build subsets of contacts that can be used in more than 20 reports or even your own custom reports.

Building new reports is free.
Generate badges, labels and itineraries for a contact list.


Export contacts to multiple formats

Prepare for Word mail merges


Prepare address labels, spreadsheets, and emails with addresses populated

Communicate quickly and easily with any group of contacts.

Group Management

Manage contacts’ yearly association with a particular group or groups.

Track committee and taskforce memberships and positions.


Group info is populated system-wide.

Run group reports.


Groups can be created and managed.

No separate spreadsheets!


Manage membership using annual cycles or years-from-submission techniques.

Track membership the way you work without having to hack it!


Membership info is populated system-wide.

Run membership reports.

Event Management

Manage attendees, sponsors, speakers, donors, guests, exhibitors and other contacts.

Track the entire event and do away with other spreadsheets.


Direct integration with the report builder.

Run many types of reports.


History and demographics of the contact pool can improve your marketing techniques.

Increase revenue by increasing attendance.

Web Site Integration

Upload integration with GoRad, Collaborate, Contribute and Drupal via SJS (SMTP Job Submission)
Upload integration with GRAVEL via Alex.

Keep your web site up-to-date without extra effort.


Data can be replicated to other databases for direct access by the web site.

You can integrate directly with your web site if necessary.


Syncing select data with the web site improves security by reducing exposure.

Improve your web site without risking privacy/security issues.

Database Integration

Import data.

Take data from other sources.


Export data.

Give data to other applications.


Backup your data to our servers over SSH.

Your backup data is safe.


Obtain our changes and additions from our servers via SSH.

Update the system easily without installation headaches.


Split database architecture improves performance after load time on LANs.

Fewer problems in multi-user environments.

Complete History

No data is ever removed for membership, events, groups or anything else.

More data is accessible in one source than ever before.


Histories can be cross-referenced with the report builder.

Find trends and insights that can be lost in hundreds of contacts.

Uppercase Development

Developers who can also help with other IT and Internet challenges and questions.

We will have a relationship that gives you a resource to turn to.


I started the database in the fall of 2003 at aijalon. I implemented the last instance in the spring of 2009. The associations other than CPNP located a new developer after Uppercase Development closed in the spring of 2009. My last XAAPS development was completed in the fall of 2009, shortly before I completed CPNP's new Drupal-powered CRM. More on that later.


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